A note from Laurie | June 2019

Dear Facilitators,

Warmer weather is finally here and with it comes new opportunity! As I visit with many of you across the state, sharing information about WPA resources and events, I am learning more about the many ways you are finding opportunities to connect with exercise programs, local resources and other programs to help you live well in spite of Parkinson’s disease!

I want to personally invite you to join me in attending the WPA Facilitator Retreat on Thursday, July 25th at the Hilton in Milwaukee. This is a free event, with hotel and parking expense covered by WPA. This event is only for facilitators and a guest, and is conveniently scheduled for the afternoon before our annual WPA Symposium, held next door at the Wisconsin Center. CLICK HERE for more information and to register.

Exercise has been a topic we have focused on in many of our group discussions, and I have been able to view and participate in so many wonderful programs already available to our Parkinson’s community. It has truly been inspiring to hear how regular exercise has helped so many of you feel more energized, move easier, and even become more socially active! WPA understands the significant difference exercise can make in managing PD, and we have provided some areas across the state with financial assistance to develop exercise programs in areas where there are few or no programs available.

Now that we are hopeful that the weather will truly be warming up, find more opportunities for you and your groups to get outside for exercise and take in some good old Vitamin D to help the soul! Walking, hiking, biking, swimming and other outdoor activities can provide the exercise your body needs while opening up opportunities for social interaction and FUN! It hardly feels like exercise when you are doing an activity you enjoy in the company of those you love! So find every excuse to venture outside into the sunshine, and don’t be afraid to have an outdoor meeting if your planned support or exercise group meeting falls on a day with beautiful temperatures – It could spark all new conversation and insight just by being in a new environment as you share conversation!

Hope to see you soon – thank you for all you do!
-Laurie Couillard
Director of Group Engagement |