Facilitator Success Tip: Promotion

There are never too many ways to promote awareness of your support group or exercise group in your community! One of our goals is to reach everyone in a community with resources, so no person with Parkinson disease feels alone or isolated! Here are some suggestions for promoting your support or exercise group to create awareness and increase attendance in the process:

  • Flyer distribution. Did you know WPA can create flyers for you? Save time and let us help! Flyers can have a big impact on awareness, and can be placed in areas such as:
    • Senior centers
    • Churches (many churches have Parish Nurses who welcome an opportunity to share news about local support groups – and some of the nurses can even be a speaker option for you, as they are a wealth of knowledge and eager to help with health education in the community!)
    • Local connections when networking
    • Libraries
    • Physicians’ offices, in particular primary care, neurology and rehabilitation offices. (Ask the staff if you can place on tables or shelves in the waiting areas. Do not leave a stack, as staff is often too busy to distribute, and while well intentioned, may never get them out in the lobby.)
  • This website! If you do not already have your group listed on our site, contact me immediately and we will get you set up. Many new patients look to our site for information, so let’s make sure they can find you here.
  • Business cards for your group. Did you know that we can create business cards for you, listing your contact information, meeting date and location – free of change? Many facilitators are excited to be able to hand out cards at events or in the community to let others know about their groups. Even more importantly, many of our support and exercise group members have asked their facilitators to give them some cards to hand out when they meet another person with PD at a physician office or at an event. Please contact me if you are interested in having us print some cards for you.
  • Local Aging & Disability Resource Centers (ADRC). Nearly every county in Wisconsin has an ADRC, and they are always willing to list your support group in their literature and post flyers at their sites. They can also be a great partner for promotion and speaking events.

• Participate in local health fairs- many hospitals and local organizations hold health fairs throughout the year, and you can promote your support group at these community events.

• Local Farmer’s Market in warm weather- this is a great way to impact community members- attendance at these type of markets is high, and you can reach many who have PD or know someone with PD.