Gifting Appreciated Stock to WPA

A gift of stock to Wisconsin Parkinson Association may make sense for you. It’s a simple process that can have a big impact on WPA.

Why gift stock?
You can gift appreciated stock held over one year and receive a charitable deduction for tax purposes.

What is the procedure to gift stock?
You need to transfer your stock in writing. The date the stock is transferred is the date used for the calculation of your charitable contribution. For stocks, the average of the High and the Low Trading Price for the day is used.

The brokerage account WPA uses for appreciated stock is at the investment firm RBC Wealth Management. Please contact RBC (information below) to inform them that you will be transferring stock to Wisconsin Parkinson Association.

Then, contact your broker about transferring your stock to the Wisconsin Parkinson Association. Your broker will advise what documentation they require.

It is RBC’s policy to sell all securities when they are received. They will prepare a letter for you and WPA that shows the value of your charitable contribution for tax purposes.

Thank you for your generosity!

DTC #0235 Capital Markets
Account # 315-66414
Account Name: Wisconsin Parkinson Association

RBC Wealth Management
Bob Chernow – 414-347-7089
Linda Cowan – 414-347-7088
Jeanne Watson – 414-347-7087
Fax – 414-347-7670